Hi! I’m Kenny!

My name, if you didn’t already guess it from the web address, is Kenny. I have a passion for writing and expressing myself using the written word.

I’m a 37 year old husband and father of 2 awesome children. In August of last year, after much heartache and several close calls with my health, I broke myself out of a roughly 18 year haze of alcohol addiction and began pursuing true happiness in my life. As it was a Buddhist monk whose book was partially responsible for me chasing sobriety, I started researching Mindfulness, meditation and, Buddhism. It is with a clear head and new found love and respect for this precious life we live that I started chronicling some of the lessons I have been learning on my journey of discovery and pursuit of true happiness.

This site is a collaborative effort between my wife and I. She has recently decided to indulge her love of photography and, after purchasing a nice camera, takes and allows me to publish some of her photos. Most of my blog posts are headed up by pictures she has taken.

Please follow/subscribe, look around, read my blog, check out some of the pictures I share on here. If you like some of the stuff you see/read, please share my posts for others to enjoy!

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