Keep Searching

Our lives are a fragile amalgam of faculties.

Striving from birth to decipher

The chaos and confusion of existence.

Endlessly we toil to understand why.


An enigma.

Never meant to be solved.


Along the way we learn a lesson.

Inherent to all are twin capacities:

Self-love and self-abuse.

The latter often eclipsing the former.


Bullshit I say! Never fall victim

To the circumstances of your life.

Stop telling yourself you’re not good enough.

Refuse to cede!


Even in the face of hardship and adversity,

Remain at the helm, screaming to the wind,

Unfazed by the roiling waters of existence

Unblinkingly welcoming the turbulence.


Thank it!

There is growth in the conflict

Strength in the instability

Because of it you are, and always will be, stronger.


Psychic and emotional vampires lurk behind every turn.

Springing from the shadows at vulnerable moments

And nipping your heels. They don’t own you!

Cast them away and charge on.


Always remember


You are a radiant lantern.

Ceaselessly searching the darkness.

Know there lies hope in those dark recesses.

Never call off the search.


Whether it’s obvious to you or not,

You are NOT alone in the fight.


As you search the darkness,

Other lanterns are out there.

Lifeboats in the gloom

Signaling an end to the suffering

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