Monkey Mind

The core of consciousness a flourishing canopied tree

Thought streams branching in every way, vying for forefront attention

Monkeys shake the branches, amplifying the otherwise ambient noise

A chaotic mental tempest only you can see.

A troop of screeching monkeys

Ceaselessly clamoring

Haphazardly migrating from limb to limb

Causing the mind to vapor lock, the brain to freeze.

Baboons of our own devise.

Meticulously cultivated through practiced patterns of self-doubt.

Gaining sustenance from the fruits of our attention

Ultimately attributing to our own demise.

Digressing to irrelevancies, the monkeys are a mire

Seeking to keep us sinking and focused on trivialities

While tangible issues remain unresolved

Frozen indecision is to what they aspire.

Monkey mind, like a bonsai tree, should be carefully tended

Poisonous thoughts trimmed like dead branches

Cast aside after logical consideration

Attention refocused anew, consciousness mended.

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