Hunting the good stuff

I’ve done a lot over the past two years to improve my outlook; to abandon my proclivity for crutching on the negativity bias, to notice when i’m being down or too harsh on myself and turn it around, to make the decision to be happy in whatever circumstances life may throw my way. I hate to admit that Wisconsin has been good for us in it made AJ and I both unplug from the chaos and constant movement of the city life and take a look at who we really are and what we want out of this life.

A good chunk of our new way of thinking has to do with the nature of the energy you put into life, the power of positive psychology. If you spend your days thinking of reasons to be upset or hate adversity in your life, then you’re going to constantly be upset and hateful. If you can divert that energy to positive thinking, even to positive reactions to difficult situations then your life will improve drastically. Last February, the staff at the Mayo clinic posted an article on the benefits of Positive Thinking which includes some awesome tips on changing your perspective and how those simple tricks can change your outlook on life.

Today, with this in mind, i’m choosing to jump on a relatively cliche bandwagon. Each day this month i’m going to reflect on something from the day that brought me joy. In the Army’s Master Resilience Training we refer to it as “Hunting the Good Stuff”.

Whether it be beauty in nature, the kindness of people or anything that strikes me as uplifting or warms my heart. We’re surrounded by beauty every day. How many of us take the time each day to acknowledge or recognize that beauty?

I would love it if you guys and gals would join me in this. If you would like to comment with something positive from your days then please do so. Help me see the beauty of your lives too.

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