Twin Flames

Twin flames, burning passionately amidst the tumultuous landscape of humanity;

Forever entwined since the inception of creation;

One inarguably masculine, one undeniably feminine;

Both full of a binding, coupling ecstasy which drives their existence;

An unbreakable bond first forged in the primordial fires of time.

Their paths crossing many times early in life only to be magnetically repelled;

The force of their fated union too strong for either to initially accept;

An unwillingness to obtain that which destiny predefined;

Threatening to extinguish the powerful blaze they would become.

One flame at first too oblivious of its own nature to recognize the binary truth.

Once accepted, blossoming in to a union so powerful it shook foundations;

Destroying preconceived notions of what two souls

Are capable of meaning to one another;

Forcing each other to look inward and become better;

Twin flames, burning passionately, never to be extinguished.

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